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Dancers have more injuries than football players

What you think caused your injury:


Fell in class

What actually caused your injury:


Skipping meals

Only taking ballet class

Improper technique

No rest days

Wearing wrong pointe shoes

Pushing through pain

Genetic disorder

Create a customized plan.

Dance Class

We match you with specialists
that can help identify the root of your problems.

Holding Hands Up High

Collaborative Treatment 

Leading specialists in the dance industry work together to create a customize plan for you.

Sports Medicine Doctors


Physical Therapists

Registered Dietitians


Pointe Shoe Fitters 

and more

Partner Provided Services

Injury Prevention

Ballet class is not enough.

Cross training promotes overall fitness and prevents injuries.

Injury Treatment

Pain is not normal.

If something hurts, your body is trying to tell you something.


Dancers need to eat.

Dancers are artists but your body needs to be nourished as athletes.

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle

Pre-Pointe Assessment

Take the guesswork out of pointe promotions.

Experienced physical therapists conduct pointe readiness screenings to help determine if you're ready to go en pointe.

Pointe Shoe Fitting

The wrong pointe shoe may cause injuries, but a proper fit is supportive, comfortable, and helps you strengthen your feet and ankles.

ThePointeShop's professional fitters can help you find the right shoe to keep you on your toes.

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